I remember the “good old days” after 911 when our nation was united against the evil and destruction inflicted on our country. The attacks by Al Qaeda on September 11th, 2001 were targeted at our economic, political and military class. Because of brave, everyday Americans on United Flight 93 in Shanksville, Pennsylvania the political class didn’t suffer the devastation intended for them. The Capitol and the White House were saved.

Thanks to the Americans on United Flight 93.

The unity didn’t last long, however. The political class buttoned up their mouths for a while but when the polls (which are the Holy Writ in the Federal Church of the Congressionals) indicated that President Bush’s job approval was in the stratosphere, the Daschles, Schumers and Leahys went to work. They demanded that President Bush take action even at the same time the Pentagon plans to attack the Taliban in Afghanistan were being finalized. In October, 2001 Daschles’ office received a letter laced with Anthrax.

When the war in Afghanistan seemed to be going badly, Daschle and company became more bold in their attacks on the President.

When President Bush presented the evidence before the UN of Saddam Hussein’s refusal to account for his WMD the Democrat operatives in the CIA, State Department, and Department of Justice went to work overtime.

Hollywood liberals went into action against President Bush and his Herculean efforts to secure our countries national security by painting it as repressive against the citizens of our country.

Today subpoenas were issued against the White House demanding documents on the warrentless wiretapping program. This is a program that has been credited with helping to ensure that our country hasn’t suffered another devastating attack. The Democrats are in open war against President Bush and whether or not the country suffers too is of no significance to them.

The Democrats seem to be the ubiquitous man with no country.

That President Bush has joined with them in the Kennedy McCain amnesty bill is stunning to me. Our borders need to be secure to prevent more attacks from terrorists. I believe the president’s reasons for supporting the bill are different from the Democrats but he has alienated so many of us who support him in the War on Terror that I fear our chances of winning in Iraq will be hurt.

Victor Davis Hanson writes at National Review Online.

That the war has morphed once again into one largely against al Qaeda and Islamic terrorists is lost on critics. All the old bogeymen — Ashcroft, Bremmer, Feith, Libby, Pearl, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz — are gone. But the media and opposition searches for new ones to blame for a policy they largely once endorsed. Witness the new slurring of the Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Pace as incompetent and Gen. Petraeus — our most innovative commander in a generation — as less than candid and not in touch with operations under his command.

The war against our national defense has been joined not only by the Democrats and the media but also (sadly) by the Republican Senators from Indiana and Ohio.

Today, average Americans are not being listened to by the Political class. Our attempts to express our opinions about the “shamnesty” bill are being met with arrogance and derision. It’s as if we the people still believe that we are one nation under God but our “betters” in Washington D.C. have lost that faith.

That is why I feel nostalgic about the days after September 11th, 2001. While they were shocking, sad and horrific, for a few months we could see ourselves as a nation clearly. We knew we had a battle to fight. We had the chance to unite and defend our land. Today our political class is giving it all away.