So now that the odious Amnesty Bill has been killed and shoveled back into Harry Reid’s tomb of dead bills, we need to focus on winning the war.

Yes, Senator Lugar. It can be done. It is being done. But there are some things that could have been done from the very beginning that might have saved a lot of soldiers’ lives. For some reason, I don’t think the Iraq Study Group paid a lick of attention to it.

An email from Iraq.

On a side note the one thing I think that’s bad about this war is this…

President Bush should have mobilized the nation. Equipment can’t get here fast enough, about 75% of the soldiers that have been killed were in what they call flat pancake vehicles, primarily the HMMWVs. The V shaped bottoms on the MWRAP marine vehicle and the Army’s JERVS Cougars RG31s and Buffalos are all survivable vehicles where guys have taken numerous dets multiple times from the same things that destroy HMMWVs.

While you’ll hear some people say the equipment doesn’t make the difference, if you are going to get hit then you are going to get hit.

That’s pretty close to saying, well I’ll just take a knife out instead of my rifle. Plus the simple fact is Engineers lead the way throughout most of the theater, before infantry, logistics, or anyone else primarily because of the survivability of their vehicles.

Those same guys saying the equipment doesn’t make the difference are doing what they can with what they’ve got but I guarantee you they would gladly follow Engineers whenever they have the opportunity. If we had enough RGs and Buffalos not one HMMWV would be going out on the road. Now with the massive ability to manufacture the US has why in God’s green earth are there units out there that aren’t full up on RGs and Buffalos.

After all, this is war.

There are a bunch of companies that could be saving lives and winning the war. Contracts, blah. Screw waiting on bids and all that BS, that just bugs the heck out of me.

The first priority should be winning the war and to do whatever we need to do to decrease the enemy’s ability to kill soldiers. We need to decrease the enemy’s ability to control our movement, allowing him freedom to move from place to place, to live to set up IEDs on another day somewhere else.

People say the enemy can defeat anything, yeah, but it takes him a lot longer to put something in that would defeat some of these vehicles with v shaped bottoms. He’d be considerably slowed down.

There ought to never be a day, with all of our nation’s ability, where soldiers have to wait on parts to get in to use important vehicles.

More armored personnel carriers with V shaped bottoms need to be mass produced for our military. G.M. ought to look into producing them. After all, the Jeep is a hit with consumers. If the Democrats have their way and we leave Iraq in defeat, one day soon we may need these uparmored vehicles to drive down our own roads.

Blackfive has a video of an IED hitting a convoy on patrol and thankfully, all the troops survived.

Sapper Central has a post about an 875th Engineers soldier, Specialist Marco Robledo who was seriously injured in the IED attack that killed Specialist Eric Smallwood. There is going to be a benefit for Robledo and his family.

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