I’m concerned about my cousin, Dave who lives near Minneapolis, MN. I talked to his sister, Nancy and he hasn’t called his family tonight. Today is my Aunt’s 83rd birthday and her son always calls her. My cousin, Nancy says she’s not sure how often he goes over the bridge since he now lives in Mankato but he does work in Minneapolis as far as I know.

Dave’s probably just unable to get through on the phone.

The photos of the collapse are heart rending. We have other friends who live near Minneapolis and are waiting to hear from them too.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all who are affected by this catastrophic event.

The mighty Minnesota league of distinguished bloggers have been covering the bridge collapse tonight and are providing updated news.

James Lileks

John Hinderaker at Powerline

Ed Morrisey at Captains Quarters

SCSU Scholars

UPDATE: My cousin and his wife are safe. They just couldn’t get through on the phones.