Art by Laura Lee Donoho

I don’t believe Hillary Clinton will win the 2008 Presidential election and here are the reasons why:

Hillary’s beating Barrack Obama and John Edwards in the polls. (or rather they are beating themselves.) The problem is, there are few real men in high places in the Democrat Party.

Consider the petulant Harry Reid, the bloated Ted Kennedy and the car salesman, Chuck Schumer. None of these prominent Democrat males seem to understand that what defines maleness is not how lucky they get with women or how smoothly they can make a deal. It’s integrity that defines a man. Also, real men rarely whine.

Hillary hasn’t an honest bone in her body. And the tone of her voice is cringeworthy.

When Hillary is stacked next to a Giuliani or a Romney she won’t have the advantage of being the real man in the campaign as she does now.

That Hillary, in her new campaign ad, claims she will unify the country is beyond ludicrous. She, who can turn on a dime when it will benefit her, has never demonstrated character or integrity. Some prominent conservatives believe the campaign ad is good because it is well produced. I believe it is a cunning fisherman’s tale which appeals only to those who believe they are “invisible” to the government.

Most of us know we are not invisible to the government. Especially on April 15th.