I just saw Senator Larry Craig vehemently deny that he was gay at his brief news conference this afternoon. (with his poor wife standing alongside him.) My question is, why in the world did he plead guilty to charges if he did nothing wrong? The police officer stated that Craig did some funny footwork in the bathroom stall.

Has Senator Craig ever taken tap-dancing lessons?

Most airports have executive clubs or lounges for people who want a private place to stay while waiting for a flight. I am wondering why Senator Craig didn’t take advantage of that instead of going into a public bathroom with all the rest of humanity? That is odd. There is a lot that is odd in his behavior.

Whether this is a hit job or not, Senator Craig brought it on himself. In his news conference today Senator Craig claimed that a cloud is over Idaho. Why is a cloud over Idaho? The state itself is not to blame. The cloud is over Senator Larry Craig alone.

When my kids were little I was warned by a friend who had recently discovered that her husband was gay (after an eleven year marriage and two children) to never allow my son to go to a public bathroom because that was where many homosexuals met up. That was pretty shocking information but it was very helpful.

This whole episode is pretty disgusting and has provided much more information than I ever wanted to know. I believe that Hugh Hewitt is right. Craig should have resigned back in June.

Senator Craig passed the point of saving his reputation today by holding a news conference in which he thanked everyone for “coming out” and then went on to make excuses for himself. His actions in the Minneapolis Airport brought the focus of the world on the filty and lewd conduct that sometimes takes place in mens restrooms. No parent wants their son to confront such a scene. I was hoping that Craig would announce he was resigning this afternoon.

No such luck.