My birthday was yesterday.


I received these beautiful flowers at work from my children yesterday. The ladies in the office were oohing and ahhing. What a nice treat. My daughter knows I love blue, white and yellow flowers so that is what she ordered. They are exquisite. Other than the daisies I don’t know the identity of the other flowers but I love them.

We had delicious Italian food last night. I received some wonderful gifts.

September is a big enter and exit month for our family. I was born on my second great grandmother’s birthday. My son’s birthday occurs on the day before he arrives home from Iraq. This month. I usually don’t even like to celebrate my birthday because I don’t like being the center of attention but this birthday seems so much more joyful because we are anticipating the return of our son.

The cake was luscious. (actually I was given three cakes but will not attempt to eat all of them)

The best part of this birthday month is that our son will come home from Iraq.