General David Petraeus couldn’t be surprised by the nasty ad placed by in the New York Times which accused him of cooking the books for the White House, or by the attacks by Democrat Representatives, Bob Wexler and Loretta Sanchez at the Joint House hearing today.

These nitwits are essentially the same people who protested the Vietnam War when Petraeus was a cadet at West Point.

Back in 1970 when any event at West Point was open to the public, hippie females from local womens colleges (Vassar) were there to protest the war. My husband, Bob, as I have mentioned before, was a classmate of Dave Petraeus.

As the cadets were outside their halls going to class the female protesters handed them flowers in protest of the war. Then they spit on them, calling them baby killers. One Army football player took a flower offered to him and proceeded to eat it.

That caused a big stir and a news reporter who just happened to be on the scene asked the West Point liaison officer if the act of eating the flower was meant to be symbolic and the officer answered, “No. He was probably just hungry.”

The girls school protesters were infuriated but the cadets couldn’t have cared less about what they thought.

So that sorry, shameful season is back upon us. But yesterday’s flower children are today’s Code Pink.

Confederate Yankee reports that the New York Times possibly gave a special rate for their ad.

I wouldn’t put it past them.

Those who learn nothing from history are damned to repeat it.

Unfortunately, those who learned something from history are damned to be assailed by those who never learned a damn thing.