These past few days have revealed the darkness in the heart of the Democrat Party. The soul of the party is now wholly bought and paid for by The Democrat base, leadership and its felonious fundraisers are, in a word, base.

Not one Democrat presidential candidate has disavowed the contemptible and vicious attack ad against General David Petraeus in the New York Times. I’ve witnessed the Democrats’ attempt to roast an army officer on a spit before. During the Iran-Contra hearings Lt. Col. Oliver North withstood their attack, ensuring the election of President George Herbert Walker Bush.

Why do I believe that? I remember watching the hearings. I recall the Olliemania. I remember the disgust of the American people. Perhaps the people of our country perceived that the “crimes” President Reagan and Oliver North were accused of committing were essentially an attempt to help the people of Nicaragua achieve freedom from the communists.

We are a freedom loving people, after all. Or we were at one time.

As I watched the impotent attacks by the likes of Hillary Clinton, Barbara Boxer, and Barack Obama on General Petraeus (and the rage of the Code Pinkers) I couldn’t help but think of his wife and family. Dave married an Army brat, the daughter of the Superintendent of West Point and she has been a tremendous Army wife, following him throughout the past thirty three years, moving every one or two years, rejoicing in the good times and being steady in the bad. As an Army wife, we are our husband’s biggest supporters. We grow stronger throughout the years, through deployments, moves and the responsibilities of being both mother and father when left alone. Our love of country becomes entwined with our love and pride in our husband.

General Petraeus has done a magnificent job in Iraq, throughout his years, not only in this recent deployment. He’s been in harms’ way just like the rest of our troops. To watch a beloved husband treated like a common criminal on a witness stand by his Democrat inquisitors had to make Mrs. Petraeus sick at heart. I remember what the Democrats did to Judge Alito’s wife.

The only word in Duty, Honor, Country the Democrat Party understands is duty. They believe it is their duty to rule. It’s not. After this week’s disgusting display I suspect the Democrats will be set aside like a potted plant.