I wrote about our former doctor in this post last week and afterwards did a Google Search on him and there was nothing. So I checked out the European Stars and Stripes online and couldn’t find any articles about him either. So I emailed them and got this sad email yesterday morning.

Dear Ms. Donoho,

I am sorry to tell you that Dr. Baldwin’s remains were found two years later at the train station where his car was found in 2001. Our paper ran two articles about the discovery of the remains (I attached them for you), but it seems that the police were never really able to get to the bottom of what had happened. The article suggests that he committed suicide, but the medical examiner could not make a definite conclusion.

After these articles, it seems that we never did any follow up articles.

I am sorry that I could not tell you about a happier ending.


Catharine Giordano
Stars and Stripes Archives

I tried to post the PDF files but it didn’t work.

Here is a copy of them for anyone saavy enough to be able to use them.

Attachment :
SD_E_18_D0403.pdf (0.34 MB), SD_E_16_D0402.pdf (0.41 MB)