The view down Main Street at the Van Buren, Arkansas Fall Festival.

This weekend was family oriented. I babysat my grandson so his parents could go to see the Razorback game in Fayetteville. The game unfortunately, ended as I feared it would. The Hogs lost to Auburn.

I watched the last half of the game and saw the camera focus in on someone who had a teeshirt on with the words, “Houston, you are the problem.” I totally agree with that sentiment. I have long been an unbeliever in the Arkansas Razorbacks. One thing the team can usually be depended upon to do is to consistently let the Charlie Brown, Razorback fans down.

Back in December of 1969 I had been dating my husband for only one month when we went with his parents’ to “the game of the century“, the Texas vs. Arkansas Southwest Conference shootout. Back then one dressed up to go to football games and I certainly did for that game. I didn’t want my boyfriend’s parents to think I was a slouch so I wore a dress and uncomfortable shoes because they were pretty.

I froze at the game.

I will never forget how cold it was. Back then the dresses were still very short due to the influence of Twiggy, who now finds herself as one of judges on America’s Next Top Model . My mother-in-law, Martha Ann, wore her fur jacket and I had a fake fur coat on that my grandmother had made me. I even had a matching hat. When Bob tried to help me untie it after the game he accidentally punched me in the chin.


Never wear short dresses to cold football games.

But that’s not why I have such a negative position on the Arkansas Razorbacks.

Back in 1977 when Arkansas beat Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl we were stationed in Germany and I was homesick. Hearing that the Razorbacks won that game really lifted me up. But over the years I have noticed that the coaching staff of the team has gotten worse. I liked the coaches, Ken Hatfield and Lou Holtz of course, but their conservatism and enforcement of the rules irritated the political powers in the state. Of course, too, Frank Broyles, former Arkansas coach and Athletic Director since forever, hovered over them like a Jewish mother.

Apparently the present coach of the Razorbacks, Houston Nutt is a good old boy who never saw a thug he didn’t want to recruit. (or make excuses for after they were arrested.) So the state of Arkansas football usually reflects the political establishment.

Not so, Army. I will always be an Army fan, even though the first game I ever saw them play they were beaten 77 to 7. That was in 1973 against Nebraska I think when my husband was a cadet.

I described that time as the sad season of Army football. When my son was a cadet, however, things had really picked up. Army beat Navy three out of four of the seasons he was at West Point. Army never lost a game I attended during those days.

But I digress.

About the photos posted here. Van Buren, Arkansas is a charming town just across the river from us and we love to go to their various festivals. They close main street to traffic and fill it with booths full of arts, crafts, food, music and NASCAR collectibles. (although I am sure one doesn’t need innoculations to go to the festival) The weather was also cooperative and we had a great time at the festival.


By the time we had gotten to the festival some of the merchants had closed up shop but we still had a great time.


My parents’ antique shop on Main Street. If you can’t find it here, you can’t find it anywhere.


The chocolate covered bananas were delicious.