I made a Halloween Triarama as an example for my students. I always made my kids’ Halloween costumes and decorations when they were little and still prefer the home-made decorations to the store-bought. I will never forget coming home from school when I was a kid and discovering that my mother had decorated the whole house for Halloween. That was a memorable moment in my childhood. Spooky can be fun.

Here’s how to make a triarama:

1. Cut a piece of construction paper into a 9″ square.

2. Fold the square along the diagonal twice so that it forms an X fold pattern on the paper.

3. Cut from one corner to the middle on a fold line.

4. Draw the background of a Halloween scene from on the upright part of your triarama.

5. Overlap the bottom triangles and glue or staple.

6. Then decorate the ‘floor’ of the triarama like your Halloween scene. You can make a cut-out of ghosts and goblins for the ‘floor’. Add a flap to the bottom of each ghost and goblin so you can fold it over to be glued to the floor.