A Minnesota woman shot an Albino deer on the opening weekend of Deer Season in Minnesota.

On this season’s deer opener, a Minnesota woman shot one of the rarest kinds around; an albino deer. Mary Rakotz of Avon got the 6-point buck on Saturday in Mille Lacs County.

She said it was thrilling to see the rare animal, but 100 times more exciting to be able to actually take it home.

“I had heard that it might be in the area, so I thought that here was my chance of a lifetime. So I had to creep a little bit, probably about 40 yards, to get a good place where I could steady myself a little bit. But then I did that and shot and it went right down,” said Rakotz.

Back in my sentimental days I loved it when I saw a deer in the woods. But that was usually a rare occasion and before a deer almost destroyed my family.

Back in late October, 1997, my youngest daughter and I traveled up to Pennsylvania and New York to see my son, who was a cadet at West Point and my oldest daughter, who was attending Washington and Jefferson in Pennsylvania. We went to see an Army football game in the afternoon and after the game went out to dinner. On the way back to West Point, it was dusk. We were staying at the Thayer Hotel so we could be near our cadet, and were driving on Route 17, when out of nowhere, to the right of the car, a big deer was heading right for us.

This is one reason why I am glad I learned to shoot pool.

I had only enough time to put a little English on my car and turned the car a little to the left, hitting the deer squarely on the right front end of my car. It bounced under the right side mirror. I didn’t stop the car because there was a lot of traffic. I continued on my way to West Point, angry and determined to get us back. I was worried that some damage was done to our car and in shock about what had happened. I had a feeling that the car was in bad shape and I was hoping it would make ten more miles.

When we arrived at West Point, I pulled over at the West Point Museum, just outside the gates. We got out of the car to inspect the damage and there was quite a bit. Plus, I could tell that the radiator was busted.

We got the attention of a local policeman and told him about the accident. I was concerned about leaving the deer on the side of the road. The policeman told me that I had done the right thing. When I called our insurance adjuster she mentioned to me that had I swerved to avoid the deer instead of hitting it, our insurance would not have covered the accident completely. (we would have had to pay the five hundred dollar deductable.) Hitting a deer is considered an act of God.

My daughter and I had to fly home because the car had to be left for repairs. As it happened, we had originally planned to leave the car with my son and take a rental car home anyway. He had to wait a few months before it was repaired.

I was very careful driving down interstate 40 last week because I knew it was near deer season. I saw several of the deer on the side of the road.

The worst thing happened this weekend. A family at my husband’s school (K through 12th grade) traveled up to Farmington, Arkansas to see the school’s football team play Farmington and on the way home, in an attempt to avoid hitting a deer, the father crashed their truck. Even though the kids had on their seatbelts, the ten year old son, Matt was thrown out of the truck and killed. His twin sister, Katelyn is in critical condition at the Arkansas Children’s Hospital. The Dad was treated and released. The family is devastated. Please pray for the Russell family.

So when I read that a hunter has killed a deer, whether it’s a rare albino deer or not, I know that at the very least, the deer has been kept out of the road. I’m convinced that had I not turned my car just a little, the deer would have come through the windshield. It was so close that there was no way I could have avoided it.