Sabby’s been busy lately. He’s imbibed in a little too much catnip in the above photo.


Sabby loves having the run of the house and seems to be adjusting to life as a single cat. We tried letting Asta and Amos out of the Charlotte Wing to meet Sabby but so far, it hasn’t worked out well, at all. Amos loves to be held and Sabby got so jealous he started to pant. Then Asta jumped Sabby and he screamed like a woman. We will try to merge the cats later on, when our law student is home for the holidays.

Sabby has warmed up to our grandson and likes to watch him play. He lowers his head to him so they can share a head bonk but being a nervous type kitty has to assert his authority every once in a while.


This photo looks worse than it really was. Pajama boy was talking to Sabby and Sabby answered back.