Two cadets at West Point in the seventies

Back when my husband, Bob was a cadet at West Point he had many ways of combating the daily drill of class, formation, constant study and walking the area. (he was an area bird)

Bob and some of his fellow cadets in Company D-2 spent some time messing with the Army officers. One such instance was wearing Russian Army uniforms and taking a “tour” of West Point. Bob was able to acquire the uniforms for a report he had to do. He and his roommate, the great painter, Andre Reynolds posed in the uniforms. Afterwards, Bob put the uniforms up for safe-keeping. While he was out of the room, Andre put on the uniform and started walking around the grounds of West Point. When Bob discovered one of the uniforms was gone he started looking for Andre. He found him talking to an Army officer, bluffing his way out of trouble by using a Russian accent. The officer actually thought Andre was a Soviet Army officer and he asked Bob if he was supposed to be escorting him. Bob said, yes but he had gotten away from him. The officer dressed Bob down, telling him to do a better job.

Another successful bluff for Andre. Bob could never prove it but he suspected that Andre was the legendary “Fly.”

Today the Army-Navy game will be played. It’s the one game I look forward to all year, not because of the power and success of each team, because both of the teams’ records in recent years have been less than satisfactory. This game represents the best in football or what I think football should be. Each cadet and midshipman does more than practice football. They have to do their military training, and make the grade in their studies. When they graduate, they won’t be going to the NFL to play football, instead, they will be training to go to war.


This year Army is a 14 point underdog. This will just make the Army victory that much sweeter.

I love this video. Hat tip: Cassy Fiano

Army got the goat. Hat tip: Blackfive