Hillary Clinton should change her campaign song to Desperado. Anyone who would go to such extremes like sending campaign workers out to shovel snow in order to drag Iowans to the Iowa Caucus, providing babysitters and food from Dairy Queen and whatever else, can’t be too confident that they are going to win.

I was watching Hillary talking to someone in Iowa today on television and instead of the usual look of forced interest on her face, she looked scared.

Tonight Hillary takes on World Wide Pants. That would really be an appropriate name for her campaign organization.

The folks sending Hillary to David Letterman need to face the fact that Hillary’s a stiff. She’s just not funny and her unfunniness becomes more obvious when she tries to do it. She’s like Nixon on Laugh-In.

But Nixon didn’t try to be a comedian, he just played it straight, which is why he was funny.

Oh Iowa.

State of some of my ancestors and present home of my dear Aunt Hetty and cousin, Nancy.

Iowans are hardy people who shovel snow just like they brush their teeth. It’s a daily habit in the winter. Dealing with pushy politicians every four years must get a little annoying.

I wouldn’t put it past some of the Iowans to shovel snow onto their driveways just to see if the Hillaryites actually go to the trouble to move it off.

My cousin, Nancy, is still undecided. She may or may not go to a caucus.

We will see what happens tomorrow. I’m hoping Iowa will come through for me and put Hillary in her place. Third place, that is.

As for Mike Huckabee……

I hope Iowa goes all Project Runway and tells him he is out.

There are plenty of evangelical Arkansans who are not supporting Mike Huckabee. I am one. Here is another.