It’s a tense moment and Clinton seems rattled by it.

Jonathan Last was at the New Hampshire Democratic party’s 100 Club dinner in Milford, New Hampshire a day after Obama beat Hillary so resoundingly in the Iowa Caucuses. At the dinner, as Hillary was giving her speech, she was heckled by the Obama supporters and apparently didn’t handle the booing very well. Last’s report gives us the delicious details of that night out with the Democrats. According to Last, Kucinich was nutty, Obama glowed and Hillary was booed. It’s not like she’s never been booed before, but in the past, the media quickly whitewashed the images out of national newsdom, at least up until now.

Before the days of Barack Obama.

But, really, what could one expect of a woman who has been wrapped in the cocoon of media protection all these years? Hillary has never made herself available to a no-holds-barred press conference, her townhalls have been carefully arranged with planted questions, and the one who must be obeyed has reigned over the polls and the docile press.

Until now.

Hillary now has an opponent who gives good speeches, something she has never done. Obama has charm and charisma and has captured the imagination of many democrats and younger voters. Whether Obama will deliver “change” or leave us all with nothing more than loose change in our pockets, right now, he is the road not taken, the way out of the Clinton abyss.

Hillary’s like the once alluring siren who has now been revealed to be a hag. She still believes in her greatly polished image but many people are now seeing through it.

Milford, New Hampshire, the city of my great grandfather’s nativity, was once a Republican stronghold. Now, it’s dominated by Democrats. My great grandfather, William Chase Whitmarsh would be sad to see the city of his birth in the hands of Democrats, but probably wouldn’t be surprised. When he was a youth, his parents moved from Milford, New Hampshire to Denmark, Iowa. His father, William Faxon Whitmarsh, fought for the Union in the Civil War and died of yellow fever in Little Rock, Arkansas during the occupation just after the War ended.

William, his son, traveled from Denmark, Iowa to Little Rock to see his father’s grave at the National Cemetary. He stayed in Arkansas, married the niece of General Zachary Taylor and became a merchant. When Lucy Taylor Whitmarsh died young, he remarried Jemima Haseltine Stiles, my great grandmother.

Just a year before my great grandfather died, he road a bicycle all the way from Arkansas to Massachusetts. (he called the bicycle his wheels) He stayed for six months, visiting Milford, New Hampshire and Braintree, Massachusetts. He supported himself by making hand woven cane chairs. He had stayed in touch with his family in New England and according to letters in my mother’s possession, really enjoyed his visit.

Somewhere in Missouri, my great grandfather collapsed and his sons went to get him. He died just days after returning to Arkansas.

The road from New Hampshire to Iowa to Arkansas was traveled well by my great grandfather and left his descendants wondering at his energy, love for his family and independance.

Barack Obama has successfully taken the road from Iowa to New Hampshire. Whether he can really unseat the Woman who must be Obeyed is questionable but I, for one, will happily watch him attempt to do it. Not that I would vote for him.

No, I would never vote for Barack Obama. He is a Democrat and I don’t agree with his policies or his politics. But I can admire his gumption and his Humphrey Bogart-like delivery of his speeches. I think he is doing the Democrat Party a favor by helping to unweave the Clinton web over all things Democrat.

Now, if Republicans, Mitt, Rudy or John will finally pop the Huckabubble we might have a real contest.

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