My son was recently awarded a bronze star for his hard work in Iraq.

In recent days, as the world was marching on in its insanity, some of us were busy holding newborn babies. Some of us had that privilege, I should say. Some of us were in rooms without televisions so we didn’t watch the news on Super Tuesday. I didn’t learn the awful news that some of our fellow Republicans let those of us who are conservative down til the next day.

Obama and Hillary are still slugging it out and will be to the bitter end, but my favorite choice for President, Mitt Romney has now suspended his campaign for the sake of our country. For the sake of the future of country Mitt Romney is standing aside to allow the front-runner, John McCain a chance to build on his national campaign.

I have some big problems with John McCain but his support of the war on terror is not one of them. A wise young man has asked me to remember what is most important in this campaign season. We will be voting for a Commander in Chief to lead us through the next perilous four years. Our country can’t take the chance of electing a novice to the Presidency. Nor, can it let a woman who vows to withdraw the troops on day one get anywhere near the Oval Office.

Therefore, for the sake of our troops and everything they have sacrificed and accomplished in the last eight years we must work hard to see John McCain elected.

We must keep faith with our troops for they continue to keep faith with our nation. Whether or not politicians have failed us, our nations’ military has not.