Socks, once the official White House cat during the Clinton administration, now purportedly lives a life of anonymity with Betty Currie, Bill Clinton’s enabler-secretary. Hillary had no more use for the feline when the vacation from history during the nineties was over, so Socks was sent packing. Buddy the dog, useful during the Impeachment days for friendly photo-ops, met an even worse fate.

How Socks must approve of Barack Obama, another cool cat, who seems to be on the cusp of defeating Hillary the Stiff. How ironic that Hillary and Socks share a display case in the Clinton Library.

Socks the cat deserved so much more, as most cat lovers understand. Perhaps he is a happier cat living with a woman who dished out her unrequited loyalty to a president more interested in winning at any cost than in ever admitting the truth.

Some Republicans in Texas are crossing over this Tuesday to vote for Hillary in order to defeat Barack Obama in their (valid) belief that Obama will be a much harder opponent for John McCain.

I say, let nature take its course. Nature can be cleansing in its severity. Even Democrats in their overweening desire to regain the White House are opting out on Hillary.

I truly hope Socks is still alive and able to snooze near a television tuned to the news this Tuesday.