Raising Arizona, one of my all-time, favorite movies, is hilarious but the movie is also full of down to earth wisdom. One of the funniest scenes in the movie takes place when our hero, Hi is talking to Glenn, the annoying husband of Dot. These are the “decent folks” Ed has over to dinner after they made the two Snoats brothers, (who had released themselves from prison on their own recognizance) make themselves scarce.

After dinner Glenn outrages Hi by proposing to swap wives and Hi punches him in the nose. Afterwards, Ed berates Hi for breaking Glenn’s nose. The dialogue follows…

Ed: “We finally go out with some decent people
and you break his nose. That ain’t funny, Hi.”

Hi: “His kids seemed to think it was funny.”

Ed: “Well, they’re just kids.
You’re a grown man with responsibilities.
Whatever possessed ya?”

Hi: “He was provokin’ me.”

Ed: “How’d he do that?”

Hi: “Never mind.”

Ed: “But, Hi, he’s your foreman.
He’s just gonna fire you now.”

Hi: “l expect he will.”

Ed: “Where does that leave the three of us?
Where does that leave our entire family unit?”

Hi: “With a man for a husband.”

Ed: “That ain’t no answer.”

Hi: “Honey, that’s the only answer.”

Ed: “That ain’t no answer.”

Hi: “With a man for a husband.”

With a man for a husband.

That line came to mind earlier today when I was thinking about that slick, metro-sexual husband and father, Barack H. Obama, who not only would sell his grandmother out for political gain but also (apparently) will use his own daughters for political purposes. He doesn’t care much for babies either. To him, they are punishment.

Obama’s not much of a husband or father in my book. Neither is Hillary for that matter.

I’m hoping the McCain campaign is saving all the sound bites for the general election.