I saw this video recently and it is really cute. Sometimes watching the news is just too stomach churning. Jay Rockefeller wins the day in clueless demagoguery in his attack on Senator John McCain’s military service. I didn’t have all day to sit in front of the television watching the Democrats and their anti-war freak friends grill General David Petraeus at the Senate Armed Services Committee. Luckily, I have a job. But I have read the accounts.

The fact that an honorable man like Gen. David Petraeus had to sit in the same room and endure the pomposity of the likes of Ted Kennedy and Joe Biden is more than sad. The hopeful agent of change, Barack Obama did himself no favors either. He came off as rather amateur. It seems he had to be prompted by Joe Biden. Hillary is now at the point that none of us really can willingly suspend our disbelief so whatever she said is meaningless.

So enjoy this video. The kids are darling.