flowers2.jpg Where have I been the past few weeks? Very busy.

flowersyellow.jpg We had a storm a couple of weeks ago.
Lots of hail which damaged homes and cars in our family. Now we drive around Fort Smith, looking at all the boarded up windows and say, “Incredible.” It was actually very scary. My husband drove my daughter to pick up her husband from work and almost immediately after they left the storm started to rage. Hail crashed into the driver’s side window, damaging my husband’s left hand. He suffered multiple contusions and a cracked bone. The hail was coming down like bullets and after the window broke my husband was reaching around the car to get a barrier to keep the hail out. He grabbed what looked like a briefcase to put up to the window and my daughter yelled, “No. You can’t use that. It’s my breast pump.” A very uncomfortable moment between father and daughter. But funny.

floweryellowsunflower.jpg We spent the rest of the night in the emergency room. The sun is shining now but that Wednesday night a few weeks ago, we got a taste of the terror of weather. I wish I could garden but I really don’t have the knack. But I do like flowers.