Just went down to the EZ-mart to get some cokes. As I got out of the car I heard a whistle or some kind of siren sound. I wondered what it was as I was shopping. Coming out the door I could hear it plainly. Coming from across the street in a wooded area was the sound of a Whip-poor-will. It sounded plaintive as if it were crying out a warning. The sky is full of lightning in the west.

We are in for another storm. After I got home I was doing household chores and listening to the election returns. Hillary smoked Obama in West Virginia but the news media is so doggedly determined to see Barack H. Obama in the White House that it collectively yawned.

Now I am not for Hillary mind you, but you’ve got to give it to the girl. She’s determined and looking better everyday. At this moment she’s beating Obama 67 percent to 26 percent.

Our man, McCain is doing nothing to sell himself to his base. Actually it’s hard to stomach the daily snipes he is delivering to President Bush and conservatives. I can’t imagine George Herbert Walker Bush doing that to President Reagan. Maybe it’s all this bad weather that is getting on my nerves but I really think it is John McCain. Weather happens. Republicans are supposed to be more than floating clouds of political wiffs.