My niece, Maine is getting her Masters Degree in Fine Arts (or Theater) at the University of Texas in Austin. She’s about finished with her first year. She already has an agent and has been cast for a small role (featured extra) in Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life, starring Brad Pitt and Sean Penn.

The casting director for The Tree of Life called Maine and said that the producer saw her headshot and wants her for an additional part, this time a featured extra. She’s going to be some kind of ethereal porcelain being surrounded by white light. They’re making paper mache hair and doing some kind of crazy costume. The casting director said it’s an art shot, so she will almost definitely be working directly with Malick.

Maine has also been cast in the part of Mae in the musical The Wild Party that is being done by the Provincetown Players in Cape Cod. The play runs July 11th-August 11th (I think). The two leads are Equity actors from Boston. The theater is helping her find a place to stay this summer after she finishes her little role in The Tree of Life. I hope they will find some place that will take cats because she has two kitties she will not part with. Maine won’t get to meet Brad Pitt or Sean Penn. They have already wrapped up their roles. Too bad.

My daughters and I were urging her to kick Brad Pitt for leaving Jennifer Anniston.