I made this stitchery when I was a kid. The fabric was from a dress my grandmother made me.

Kris of New England has tagged me. When I was a kid I loved to play tag. I still like the game so I will play. Sometimes it’s fun to be It.

Here goes……

The Meme

The rules:
1. Post the rules of the game at the beginning.

2. Each player answers the questions about themselves.

3. At the end of the post, the player then tags five people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know they’ve been tagged and asking them to read the player’s blog.

4. Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve posted your answer.

What were you doing five years ago?

June, 2003. My husband was still active duty and we were in Little Rock where he was the Inspector General of the Arkansas Army National Guard. I was recovering from two weddings, one January 4th, 2003 and the other, November 23rd, 2002. My son and daughter got married within two months of each other. My son’s wedding was easier because his bride and her mother planned the entire church wedding and all we did was the rehearsal dinner. Then, Christmas intervened and by the end of the holidays we were gearing up for our daughter’s wedding on January 4th in a beautiful cathedral in our city.

By the time March had rolled around my son and his wife were expecting a baby and we were very excited and looking forward to our first grandchild. We had only been back in the states for a year and in June, 2003 I was enjoying being at home but had already been hired to teach art in our hometown for the next fall.

I spent a lot of time during early 2003 watching news reports on the war in Iraq. By June, Democrats and their allies in the media were already grumbling that it was taking too long to win the war. Sometimes great things require even greater patience. I was cheering our troops on back then and still continue to cheer for our great military.

What are five things on your to-do list for today?

I could lie and say, shop for a new wardrobe, sip lemonade on the porch, give directions to the maid, and return a call to Laura Bush but in reality this day will be much more mundane.

1. Clean the kitty litter. ( a must)

2. Make arrangements for my parents’ 58th wedding anniversary which is today.

3. Clean house and prepare for a party we are having this weekend.

4. Pay bills. (done that already)

5. More housework. I love summer. I can get around to most of my chores when I want to. My great housewife, mother-in-law, Martha Ann used to say, “It’s clean under all that dirt.”

What are five snacks you enjoy?

1. Coke and German pretzel sandwiches with cucumbers.

2. Lemon Meringue Pie. Always Lemon Meringue Pie.

3. Arkansas Pie. (this is more like a meal) Cover a piece of corn bread with butter beans. Top with some ketchup and purple onions. Yum.

4. Corn dodgers. My husband’s grandmother, Mama Wera taught me how to make them right after we married.

Recipe: 1 cup of white cornmeal. 1 teaspoon salt. Pour 1 cup of boiling water into the cornmeal. Mix together with your hands after it cools a little. Form little cookie sized pones and drop into a skillet with hot oil and cook until they turn golden brown. Cover with butter. Yum. My husband tells me this was basically the recipe for johnnie cake which the Confederates carried with them in the Civil War.

5. A cup of coffee and a piece of Three Milk Cake - Pastel Tres Leches. The first time I had this luscious cake we were living in Panama. When we visited Miami on our way home from Panama we had the cake again. I’ve tried to make it without success.

What are five things you would do if you were a billionaire?

1. Pay off all of my childrens’ student loans.

2. Fix the front door step.

3. Give to our church, Christian missionaries and military charities.

4. Buy new art materials.

5. Save and carefully invest the rest.

What are five of your bad habits?

1. Nail biting.

2. Procrastinating.

3. Staying up too late even when I have to go to work the next day.

4. Driving too fast.

5. Drinking too much coke.

What are five places where you have lived?

1. Augsburg, Germany

2. Heidelberg, Germany

3. Indianapolis, Indiana

4. Panama City, Panama

5. Fort Drum, New York

What are five jobs you’ve had?

1. Assembly line worker in a General Electric plant the summer before my sophomore year of college. (this job convinced me to finish my education.)

2. I worked the counter in my grandparents’ dry cleaning business on weekends and during the summer from the time I was thirteen to nineteen.

3. I worked as a checker in a grocery store during my college years.

4. I was a fashion illustrator for the Boston Store in Fort Smith, Arkansas when I was expecting our third child. I had to quit when my five year old son and two year old daughter came down with chicken pox.

5. Teacher. Art. First grade. Fifth grade. Sixth grade.

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