Barack Obama’s response to Wesley Clark’s Sunday attack on Senator John McCain?

It was an inartful distraction.


There’s no such word. Well, distraction is a real word. An authentic word. But inartful is not.

There’s no such word in the dictionary as of this moment.

But I expect Google to be making a change soon.

I’ve certainly seen the non-word, “inartful” all around the blogosphere recently, flowing out of Democrat operative’s mouths as easily as the words Katrina and Abu Ghraib did during their hyped up eras. It’s one of the shortest and most inaccurate words Democrats have used recently to shield the Obama Messiah from his many gaffes and it’s not even a word! (Just like Obama’s not really the Messiah.)

William Safire pegged inartful as not a word over twenty years ago when writing about then Governor Mario Cuomo’s usage of it.

The use of the non-word, inartful reflects not only on Barack Obama but on those who promote and support him.

Obama has marketed himself as an authentic man of hope and change. He would have done better to have actually apologized to John McCain and then kicked Clark off his campaign.

Obama is turning into quite the artful dodger during this presidential campaign.

But inartful?

That buzzword won’t hunt.

UPDATE: Here come the obligatory media reports following up Wesley Clark’s attack on John McCain’s military service…

Military service: A diminished campaign asset?

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