When I learned that Tony Snow had died Saturday morning I was out of town at a baseball tournament so couldn’t immediately acknowledge the death of a quintessential American, a man of faith, family and country. The loss of Tim Russert recently, another happy, confident, American man whose exuberant love of life, family and country was always evident, was a blow to American politics. Tim was from the left but he never left an important question unasked and he did it in an open fashion. You couldn’t help but love someone who remembered from whence he came, Buffalo, New York.

I can’t even remember when Tony Snow came into my view, it seems he was always there on my favorite television channel.

But that’s not true.

For many years before Fox News came into being, Americans were force-fed liberal factoids, nanny news and group think. I learned to use the mute button. Then I discovered the great Rush Limbaugh. American communications became more diverse with the advent of a more conservative outlook and I found some kindred spirits in the optimistic, honest American exceptionalism Rush and others espoused.

Then came Brit Hume, Fred Barnes, Sean Hannity and Tony Snow.

Tony Snow reigned supreme on Fox News Sunday for many years with his good natured and intelligent, common sense outlook. He was a fighter and a conservative but he had a calm, reasonable way of presenting his arguments. It was always a joy to watch him and a lesson for us all in how to disagree without being disagreeable. When Tony left his Sunday gig for his radio show I listened and so did my husband. I wrote a while back about a conversation my husband had with Tony on his radio show.

I send my sincere condolences to Tony’s family and friends. He left us too soon.

Way too soon. Our loss is heavens’ gain.

The Anchoress and Sissy Willis have must-read tributes to Tony.