Like a line of people waiting to get into the theater.

Finally, I have some flowers on the porch. When we renovated our house several years ago, like many people do, we had trouble with our contractor. He would not listen to me.

Our house was transformed from a New Orleans style with balcony to a wide front porch with columns and six new rooms. I loved the basic structure and the change to a front porch that we could actually enjoy but the contractor chose many of the materials and gave us a hassle on every choice we insisted on making.

Then came the driveway.

I wanted a simple sidewalk leading from the driveway to the steps. My husband wanted a parking lot. I regretted it from the moment the driveway was expanded. I at least wanted a circular drive but no one listened to me.

It didn’t take long for my husband to regret not listening to me. It would have saved money too.

Not being at all possessed of a green thumb I was at a loss when envisioning how we could make lemonade out of the lemon but my sister, who never met a plant she couldn’t nurture and grow came to my rescue. The day we picked blueberries we went to a nursery and bought flowers.

Then Lucy showed me how to pot them and I water the flowers twice a day. The porch faces the west so the flowers are exposed to direct sunlight. Most of them are making it.

We don’t have shade on the porch until the afternoon. But the afternoon and evening are the best time anyway.

Real landscaping will happen one of these days but until then at least, I have pots on the porch.