Back in the halcyon days when I was a stay at home Mom I had the time to do things that normally would never be done in the hectic workaday world. One time in 1988 I handwrote and drew The Seagull Post for our childrens’ grandparents. Back in the days when we lived at Fort Monroe the kids and I were out for walks all the time. We learned all the history of Fort Monroe, including the legends about ghosts. That naturally piqued the interest of the kids.

Fort Monroe has a lighthouse and the kids and I loved to walk around the seawall to see it. The Hotel Chamberlin was one of our favorite stops. Alas, it is no more.

I joined a Calligraphy Guild when I was at Fort Monroe and learned calligraphy from many of the fine professional calligraphers who would do workshops for our guild. My calligraphy in The Seagull Post is pretty weak and I obviously didn’t bother much with rulers and lines.


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