It’s Friday night, I’m tired and have been taking in some passive entertainment, watching Monk, Psych, House and a DVR of Burn Notice. I changed the channel after Burn Notice was over and on Fox, reporters were camping out at Joe Biden’s house. Why? He may be Barack Obama’s pick for veep.

I changed the channel quickly. It’s good that I am back at work because the silly season is really upon us. Barack O. has been bad-mouthing John McCain because he didn’t know how many houses he owns. Well, if McCain were really into real estate that’s something he would know. He lets his wife take care of that. I like that really. John McCain has confidence that his wife will take care of things at home and at home and at home.

Obama’s snarky ad in response to McCain’s honest slip is way over the top. McCain lived for five years in the Hanoi Hotel. At the very least he deserves more respect from Mr. Goose Egg for his service and sacrifice to our nation.

I think most Americans would like a second home or a third and fourth.

I’m more into cars and would like the new Corvette.

I still think Obama has selected Hillary but I am the world’s worst at making predictions.


As expected, I was wrong.

Joe Biden is Obama’s pick for veep. Neal Cavuto was a hoot this morning on Fox News’ Business Block. He kept referring to Biden’s “compound” and spoke proudly of Fox’s aerial view of the elegant and expensive, Biden home in Delaware. Apparently Biden was late taking off for his rendezvous with Obama in the Land of Lincoln, Springfield, Illinois.