Drew and his wife, Joni at my daughter’s wedding.

It’s almost been a year since our son, Drew returned from his year long deployment to Iraq. His birthday is approaching in late September. It will be the first time he has been home to celebrate his birthday in two years. The deployment took him away from home longer than a year, the training was six months long or so.

Drew and Joni are going to his ten year reunion at West Point this October. Time has flown. I remember my husband’s ten year reunion as if it were yesterday.

Recently my son had this to say about being home for his birthday…

September 27th of this year will be the first birthday for me at home in two years. On the 27th of September in 2006 I swiped my card in Kuwait, we flew in on the 26th around 9pm Kuwait time, took the long ride to the camp with a stop at some place to use the latrines and drink some water and a smoke break, ended up standing in line at the camp at midnight and swiped my card on my birthday.

The year after in 2007 on the 27th I split a pizza and a bunch of Dr. Peppers with 2LT Rusty Fontenot, 1LT Tim Dean, Maj Mike Henderson, and CPT Kovar Petersen, all guys from 875th HQ, at Fort McCoy Wisconsin having been back for 6 days in the states, the first night I had absolutely nothing to do in the deployment but goof off.

The next day all we had on the plate was an awards ceremony, turning in our leave forms, and packing up for the final flight home. The first one was a pretty tiring birthday filled with lots to do and anticipation of what we needed to get done for our final link up with the RIP unit in Iraq.

The second was filled with sitting in the barracks, talking to good friends, and looking out the window to see the green grass and totally relaxing cool breeze coming in the open doors anticipating finally stepping off the bus at Jonesboro to see my family.

Pretty interesting birthdays for me.