After D’Aulaires’ Book of Greek Myths by Laura Lee Donoho

Barack Obama will deliver his acceptance speech at Invesco Field tonight flanked by Doric Greek Imagery.
Greek mythology, architecture, poetry and drama is fascinating but the use of it in modern times can lead some to flights of fancy.

Interesting that Barack Obama’s set designer is also Britney Spear’s.

Is the Obama campaign’s choice to move the site of the speech from the Pepsi Center to Invesco Field really an effort to include more people or could it be a mere change of clothes, as in a fashion choice. Could it be that Obama wanted to rise above the lesser gods of Democrat mythology, the Clintons, the Kennedys, the Kerrys, and the Carters to a more Olympian Field?

A clean slate after the Clintons bowed to their forced choice?


No matter, the speech is set for tonight at Invesco Field, Mile High Stadium, home of the Denver Broncos. This rock star setting is said to worry some Democrat strategists. Will it rain or will Zeus hurl a few bolts of lightning? What will Barack Obama feast on before the speech, his beloved arugula or ambrosia and nectar?

Much of the convention so far has been set up to let the lessers tell their stories of pathos, and overcoming adversity in order to lead up to the celebration of the mythological story of the man, abandoned by the father, then the mother and finally taken up by Saul Alinsky to Olympian heights of glory?

Joe Biden, (whose Dad fell on hard times) may possibly have put his aged mother, Catherine Eugenia Finnegan Biden in danger of a visit from social services as he revealed last night that when he was a boy and knocked down by toughs in his neighborhood, his mother sent him back outside to give the bullies bloody noses. Heavens, that is a no-no today.

But it was a direct appeal to Catholics no doubt.

The lesser god, William Jefferson Clinton appeared at the Pepsico Center last night claiming that he really believes that Barack Obama will be a great Commander in Chief. He said this without a wink or a nod. Can we expect more eruptions before election day?

Barack is said to be planning to deliver a workman-like speech tonight, no doubt in response to the criticism after the Victory Column speech in Berlin. But the setting of a Greek Temple is intended to place Obama into a Golden Section, a perfect rectangular form which according to Leonard da Vinci also included human proportions.

It seems fitting that the man who believes he is the one who can lower the seas would demand such perfection on his acceptance day. It’s a way of escape from the imagery of the loathed American flag pin to something more international.

Greek mythology instructed human beings about the three elements of life: the Earth, Mount Olympus and Hades. Will Americans, after viewing the spectacle at Mile High Stadium tonight choose to believe that Obama offers us the life of the gods, with all of its free healthcare, taxes only on the rich, no war, and broadly shared prosperity? Will they choose to pay Charon’s wages?

It’s Greek to me.