How odd that the name of the Hurricane plowing into Texas is named Ike. When I was a kid my family went on a trip down to Dallas, Texas and stopped in Denison to see the birthplace of President Dwight D. Eisenhower. The house was very close to a railyard with trains sitting on the tracks.

I remember telling my mother when we were walking up the creaky stairs in the old homeplace that the two story home seemed pretty modest for a president and her response was that Eisenhower’s parents did not know he would grow up to be president. She added something to the effect that although our own home was very modest it might also be a memorialized historical place someday.

My sweet, always encouraging mother. So, Ike, trains, moms, and the big skies of Texas have always had a special place in my heart. I am praying for the folks down in Texas and Louisiana. We have family in Alexandria, Louisiana and in Texas (all over Texas) and I am worried about them.

Lorie Byrd mentioned the irony of a Hurricane named Ike in this post in which she takes apart Charles Gibson for his snotty attitude towards Gov. Sarah Palin. I have only watched out-takes of the interview. For some reason, although I do email, my fingers are unable to change the channel on the remote to ABC. (or any of the other Palin-non compos mentis channels)

When my Dad was a teenager, he and some of his friends drove down to Galveston, Texas in a convertible that had no brakes. Just as they got to Galveston a hurricane hit. My Dad and his friends decided to stay and stick it out. They found shelter which was probably the only smart thing they did during that trip.


My Dad and his buddies were horsemen and used to ride their horses all over Northwest Arkansas. I could fill a book with the stories Daddy has told me of his adventures. Was his generation more daring than subsequent generations or were their parents just more negligent? I know my grandparents were hard working people and raised two fine sons but they did allow my dad and Uncle Max a lot of freedom.

It is already starting to get windy here and we are expecting the dregs of Hurricane Ike this weekend. We have had a lot of rainy days here since Gustav and I have rarely used the garden hose to water my flowers. The rain has taken care of that.

When my husband was at the Army War College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania we made many trips to Gettysburg. On one trip I persuaded my husband to take a tour of the Eisenhower Farm, near the grounds of the battlefield. The home is very fifties, and full of the keepsakes that Mamie Eisenhower collected during her life as an Army Wife. The kitchen was quite small and was an avocado green. There were pale pink towels hanging in the bathroom but not as much of that color which one would have expected.

This grey Saturday morning I have been reading Lucianne, Michelle Malkin, Wizbang, The Anchoress and Sisu.

I always check Instapundit first thing in the morning and Hugh Hewitt. Then The Corner and Powerline and Blackfive.

There are, of course, also a lot of other blogs that I read and link to. There are lots of good reads on this dreary Saturday morning.

This New York Times article about Sarah Palin was probably intended by the writer, Jan Hoffman to be a little picture in the life of the average tacky Alaskan but it turned out to be a heart warming piece about the friendship between Sarah Palin and her hairdresser.

Meanwhile I am continuing to follow Hurricane Ike. The Houston mayor is asking the citizens of Houston to boil water but of course there is a power outage in Houston, Galveston and many other areas. Gonna be kind of hard to do that unless the residents have a fireplace which is doubtful.

I am signing off for now to go make some coffee.