Democrats and Barack Obama like to portray Senator John McCain as too old to lead our nation and yet their favorite members of the Supreme Court are really up there in years. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 75 years old. I’ve googled but can’t find any article complaining about her age.

By the time the Court convenes again in October five of the nine justices will be seventy or older. John Paul Stevens is 88 years old. Stephen Breyer is 69 years old. David Souter is 68 years old. Anthony Kennedy is 71.

So the liberals and the swinger are really getting long in the teeth. As long as they are breathing their clerks will do the work to keep the liberals happy.

This is probably what haunts lib’s dreams. John McCain’s age is only 72 but should he die in office we are looking at President Sarah Heath Palin.

The only news article I found when googling Ginsburg is this snarky attack on Sarah Palin by an Alaskan writer who claims to have a uterus. Shannyn Moore is not voting for either team she claims. She is voting for the Supreme Court. Yeah. Right. Sure. It’s simply a hit piece on Palin. Enough of one that she has appeared on Olbermann to scratch his weird and itching ears.

John McCain would probably say, Barack Obama is bilging out. This is probably everywhere by now. I want to do my part in helping it go viral. Hat tip: Instapundit

I’m currently reading Faith of My Fathers by Senator John McCain. I am home sick with some kind of flu and had a very high fever last night but when the fever broke I was able to pick up his book again. It’s the kind of book that is in some places very painful to read. The accounts of the interrogations and the torture and the deep shame that John felt after he had been broken are deeply stirring. Leo Thorsness, a fellow POW of John McCain writes about why he believes that John McCain will be a great president. Hat tip: Powerline

The question where do we find such men? applies to John McCain. His account of the torture and deprivation that he and his fellow POWs endured is searing. Not the kind of seared in his memory that John Kerry meant but the full meaning of the word. McCain has a strong will which has already seen him through torture, imprisonment, deprivation, and now he is in a political campaign that is vicious. Not on the Republicans’ part. The best McCain ads have been tough but not mean, not personal. Not so with the Barack Obama campaign.

The ad criticizing John McCain for his lack of computer skills was not only hateful but it displayed complete ignorance. Perhaps a little googling might have informed the Barack Obama campaign that as a result of wounds received during his five plus years imprisonment in the Vietnam War John McCain uses a mouse but has trouble with the typing.

As the day has gone by my fever has gone down but reading this may bring it back up. Some deranged leftist hacker has broken into Sarah Palin’s private email account. Not only that, they’ve published family photos, private email addresses of the Palin children and seventeen year old daughter, Bristol’s cell phone number. Is there nothing sacred to leftists? Why do I bother to ask that question? Michelle Malkin has more.

So it’s okay to invade Sarah Palin’s privacy because she is a Republican huh? But it’s not okay to invade terrorists’ privacy?

Greg Gutfield somehow gets into the leftist’s mind and boy is it ever loony.

Hannity is interviewing Sarah Palin right now. I love her accent, she is very well spoken and I especially appreciate her comment that John McCain didn’t ask her to check her opinions at the door. Sarah is working on McCain about drilling in Anwar. She’s a quick study on economic issues, especially all the government bailouts. She doesn’t like them but understands the needfulness of the AIG bailout.

Ha! Karl Rove told Alan Colmes that he is embarrassing himself. I like this comment on Hot Air.

Hillary Clinton won’t join in the protest of Ahmadinejad because Sarah Palin will be there. That is so fifth grade. I’m sure she was urged to stay away by the Obama-ites.

I think I need to check my temperature again.