This presidential season is turning out to be brutal. Not only did Barack Obama make his political ascent by surrounding himself with America haters, (Jeremiah Wright and William Ayers) and convicted criminals, (Tony Rezko) he chose a wife (Michelle) who wasn’t proud of being an American until Barack was running for president, even though she had attained a tremendous education and landed a very lucrative job. That’s not good enough you see, because there were all those college loans to pay back.

But what kind of inspiration has Obama (the Messiah) been to his followers? What great acts of courage and philanthropic grace has Obama inspired of those who follow him?

Obama supporters sure don’t seem to be happy campers. They were nasty enough before the Republican Convention but with the selection of Gov. Sarah Palin as Sen. John McCain’s running mate, the Democrat zoo opened its door and all the wild animals spilled out in a rage. The media has gone on a fugue of attack on those who don’t suscribe to Barack Obama’s kind of politics. Thirty lawyers have been digging deeply for any kind of negative or scandalous dirt on Sarah Palin in Alaska. It’s hard for me to imagine going to the beautiful state of Alaska not to see the amazing sights but, instead, to dig for dirt.

Some Democrat feminists accuse Americans of being racists if they are not intending to vote for Barack Obama. Other feminist writers are now penning extremely nasty screeds against Sarah Palin. She just has to be a man they rail.

A great number of Obama’s followers have dug themselves so deep in the slime that they no longer resemble human beings. It is being alleged that a twenty year old college student, the son of a Democrat state representative from Memphis, Tennessee is the hacker who stole into Sarah Palin’s email account on the hunt for dirt.

Apparently, he couldn’t find any. And yet, the civil libertarian zealots who sue the government every time a terrorist gets nabbed aren’t up in arms about this invasion of privacy. They are more concerned that Palin may according to the A.P. (who refuses to cooperate with the probe) have sent emails to government employees. The A.P. needs to be renamed, Anti-Palin. If this isn’t enough evidence that the Associated Press doesn’t just report the news, they skew the news, I’m sure they will be presenting more evidence before the moon rises.

Messiah, Obama is not. Thug is more like it. In a rally today he suggested that his supporters get in the faces of those who aren’t supporting him.

This is getting too heavy. There is nothing I can do about the loonies on the left except point out that they are really getting shrill. There is no sunshine in their smiles, no happy anticipation of the future, no hope, and alas, no change in this typical democrat campaign.

Everything is wrong with America, according to Obama and company. Life is not as it should be.

This is not a campaign about morning in America, it’s a campaign about The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very bad Country… that must change.

This will not sell.

I truly believe that one basic reason why many feminists are so upset about Sarah Palin is that she has such great taste in shoes. She’s normal and intelligent and loves her family and her country. She’s uplifting. She’s got the gams. And she’s got those shoes.