A big thorn in the side of Arkansas, Tony Alamo’s compound is raided.

Federal authorities conducting a child-porn investigation raided the headquarters Saturday of a ministry run by a convicted tax evader once labeled by prosecutors as a polygamist who preys on girls and women.

Social workers interviewed children who live at the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries complex, which critics call a cult, to find out whether they were abused. The two-year investigation involves a law that prohibits the transportation of children across state lines for criminal activity, said Tom Browne, who runs the FBI office in Little Rock.

“Children living at the facility may have been sexually and physically abused,” Browne said.

Back during the eighties when Tony Alamo based his so-called ministries in Alma, Arkansas my parents met some members of his church, Sharon and David Kroopf. Sharon and David were a young couple with an adorable little girl named Becky and had moved in next door to my parents. I happened to be visiting one summer with my children and met Sharon and her daughter, Becky who was about three years old. My kids enjoyed playing with Becky. Sharon was a sweet person and interesting to get to know but she was full of the Alamo idealogy. However, when she tried to evangelize my parents and me she met with a brick wall.

David and Becky were Jewish and had met Alamo in California and had followed him out to Arkansas. David had at one time worked for his father’s jewelers so was interested in gold and jewelry. He sold a few pieces to my dad. My parents were interested in getting the family out of the cult and during my visit I tried to persuade Sharon to leave the cult.

I heard later that Sharon’s husband, David was also trying to persuade Sharon to leave. She refused to leave and later married Tony Alamo. When I heard that I was more than disgusted and wondered what happened to Becky.

Apparently she stayed with her mother.

According to this article Tony Alamo has taken other unofficial wives including an African American woman. The new compound is located in Fouke, a small southwestern Arkansas town.

Still, (unbelievably) Alamo has followers all over the state evangelizing and placing his anti-Catholic fliers under windshields in shopping center parking lots and even in private homes. We found a flier under the windshield of our car parked in our own yard just recently.

For the sake of paper, if not little children the man has got to be stopped.