The leftwing media have been digging for dirt on Sarah Palin for the past three and half weeks but haven’t been able to find any. So now they and their friends at SNL have latched on to Palin’s statement that on an island off the Alaskan border in the distance you can see Russia.


When we lived at Fort Monroe, VA, my family and I took walks on the seawall and could see ships coming into the Chesapeake Bay from the Atlantic Ocean. We saw many ships sailing by including Russian ships. The Chesapeake Bay spilled into the Atlantic and at one point on the lighthouse side of the post I fancied that I could look across the Bay into the Atlantic. I imagined that I could see the southern coast of Spain.


When our son was nine years old I took him to visit my sister and her husband and new baby in Maine. We went to a beach near Keenebunkport to see the Atlantic Ocean. As you can see it really captured our son’s imagination.


When we lived in Panama we could look out on the rocky beach of Panama City and see the Pacific Ocean.


When we moved to Heidelberg, Germany I stood up on the hill above the Heidelberg Castle and could see far down the Neckar River.

I found it was a much happier view when I was standing on American soil looking out on the world than being far away in another country looking out on other bodies of water.

That Sarah Palin understands the geography of her state is obvious. That leftists who hate her have taken her words out of context in order to belittle her is more than obvious.

Bill Dyer, blogging at Hugh Hewitt’s blog writes that yes, indeed, on a clear day you can see Russia from Alaska.

In the native language, it’s called “Inalik,” meaning “the other one” or “the one over there.” In English, the town’s name is “Diomede,” and with a 2000 U.S. Census population of 146, it’s part of “the Nome Census Area of the Unorganized Borough of the U.S. state of Alaska, located on the island of Little Diomede” (the smaller island itself being known as “Ignaluk” in the local language). Their state governor, of course, is Sarah Palin. And the “other other” impliedly referenced by the native name is undoubtedly the nearby island of Big Diomede, which is easily visible at less than three miles away — even though Big Diomede is part of Russia.

What is more, for those who would just accept Tina Fey’s silly caricature of Sarah Palin, (”I can see Russia!”) if one is on Little Diomede one can see for themselves that Alaska and Russia share a border across the frozen Bering Strait.

During and after World War II, the Soviets maintained a military base on Big Diomede, from which they would take captive anyone who wandered across the frozen strait. “[T]he two island communities, connected by Eskimo family kinships but separated by American/Russian politics, led parallel lives — pictures of Karl Marx hung in the Russian schools, pictures of Abraham Lincoln in the American.”

I’m not saying that these photos and maps, by themselves, are any proof that Sarah Palin is ready to be a heartbeat from the presidency. I am saying that these photos and maps, by themselves, are indeed proof that she and others were telling the literal truth when they described Russia as sharing a border with, and being visible from, Alaska.


The thing is, Sarah Palin sees America as many Americans do and she offers us conservative, common sense, authenticity and instinctive leadership abilities as the vice presidential nominee of the Republican party.

What is it with the Kathleen Parker type of conservative writers who, in the days after Sarah was interviewed by the likes of Katie Couric, (who has never treated a Republican or conservative in a fair way) is calling for Gov. Palin to step down as the veep nominee? What is that woman thinking? (I’m not going to give her the benefit of a link, she made no sense in her article.)

Sarah Palin may not be charming many beltway type conservatives but she is charming the American people. She is drawing big crowds and has upped the excitement for many of us.

When Sarah Palin looks out over the U.S. border to the rest of the world, she views it as an American who loves her country.

To write her off after one interview with Katie Couric? Ridiculous! Now we know who among the so-called conservative elite can be rolled.

John Mark Reynolds takes on Rod Dreyer in this piece in which Reynolds points out that Dreyer and others have jumped to conclusions with astonishing alacrity (and I might add emotion) in regards to Sarah Palin’s interviews with the biased news media. No, Sarah hasn’t developed a nasty comeback to interviewers when she’s been “Gotcha-ed” but she will.