When my girls were little and it was time for snack I would call them to come down stairs and only Charlotte would come. Kate was so busy playing that she would put off coming to the snack. Sometimes, when Kate was really late Charlotte would eat her crackers or cookies. Later, Kate would come walking in and see her empty plate and stomp her little foot and stick out her lower lip. It got to the point that I made up a little ditty.

Kate, Kate, came too late

Charlotte got her cracker

I was following the news accounts on my radio today during school breaks and heard the news that John McCain announced that he was suspending his campaign in order to do his duty as a Senator and citizen and help to solve the financial crisis in Washington D.C.

In addition, McCain said that he wants to postpone the debate Friday night.

Later on Barack Obama called a news conference and claimed that he had called John McCain first and no, he didn’t want to put off the debate. (he’s been practicing for three days, it might upset his mojo)

I think John McCain got the cracker.

The leadership cracker.

Sorry Obama.