Sarah Palin, about Barack Obama, “This is not a man who sees America as you and I do, as the greatest force for good in the world.”

I decided to take the slow road home today and drive through middle class neighborhoods to look for political signs. I wanted to see how the election is playing out in our part of the woods. The neighborhood near the school where I teach on Monday is a modest middle class neighborhood. Well kept yards, mostly ranch style houses with privacy fences. On each block there were about nine or ten McCain/Palin signs. I went through about five neighborhoods and counted about forty signs for McCain/Palin. There were only two for Obama/Biden. One of them was at a house that was really run down. (which probably really pissed off their neighbors) Not a really good advertisement for Obama.

In our own neighborhood which is also an older middle class neighborhood with large houses and really big yards there were quite a few McCain/Palin signs and a handful of Obama/Biden signs. The residents of one of these homes also tried to make it appear like the neighbor’s supported Obama by putting the signs on both sides of the yard. Wonder if they were advised to do that?

Near the other school where I teach the neighborhoods are older and lower middle class. I would have expected to see Obama/Biden signs but so far I’ve only found one. There are several McCain/Palin signs. Our city is really up for this election.

I will check out the really affluent and very poor neighborhoods soon.

Just heard from my sister-in-law that her mother who lives in California and has voted Democrat all her life this time, is voting McCain/Palin.

I’m going out to get a McCain/Palin sign for my yard tomorrow.

Powerline has a post on a a new CBS poll. At this point in the campaign most of the polls are just noise. Pollsters don’t call cellphones and most people screen their calls on landlines. The polls taken over weekends are notoriously inaccurate.

Whether the polls are accurate or not, I’m glad McCain and Palin are telling the truth about Obama.

The Anchoress has a post up about a great response that Sarah Palin gave a reporter about the A.P.’s accusation that her attack on Barack Obama’s associations with a former, unrepentent domestic terrorist was somehow racist.

Sisu has a fabulous post about Senator McCain (finally) unleashing some whoop-ass on Obama’s connections to Fanny and Freddy. He did it today.

More please.

If the American people go ahead and vote for this deeply radical and questionable man, then they’ve been warned.