Barack Obama’s eighty five year old Grandmother, Madelyn Payne Dunham has been suffering from a broken hip, was released from the hospital a few days ago, and apparently is in grave condition. Obama’s campaign has announced that he is going out to Hawaii to visit her for a few days later on this week.

Later this week???

Why hasn’t Obama high-tailed it out west yesterday or even earlier? I hate to be cynical but could this Little Red Riding Hood visit to Granny be more like a Colin Powell endorsement type of thing?

I was wondering if perhaps Obama might have called in Colin Powell for help on Sunday after his very bad week last week after his spreading the wealth comments to Joe the Plumber. After all, there have been rumors since last summer that Powell was going to endorse Obama. Why the wait? Surely it was a strategic choice, Powell being a general and all. After Joe Biden’s remarks on Sunday at a fundraiser it’s no wonder that Barack would want to gird his loins and get away for a while. Avoid the press. Create a new news cycle.

And of course, polls are tightening.

I remember my dear, great grandmother, “Nanny”. She died of a broken hip when I was twelve years old. My grandfather had moved her to a new nursing home because the previous home had been stealing from her. This nursing home was nice and clean but the air conditioning drove her crazy. She hated it. When she opened the windows the nurses would come in and close them. One afternoon, she discovered that not only did they close the windows but they also had locked them. She climbed up on a chair to unlock them and fell off, breaking her hip. That evening she died from the shock.

She was eighty eight years old. A broken hip is a very serious concern in an older adult.

And see how the legacy media is covering Obama’s visit to see his ailing grandmother. They have never been concerned that his questionable connections to Ayers, Wright and Rezko might tell us something about his character but now that Obama is suspending his campaign for all of forty eight hours to see his sick grandmother the media is consulting historians who are telling us it is nothing less than time stopping!

The Hosannas are starting.

Presidential historian Richard Norton Smith, the former director of the Lincoln, Hoover, Eisenhower, Reagan and Ford presidential libraries, said, “Never in the modern era has a candidate done anything like this,” referring to Obama’s decision to stop campaigning during the last stretch.

“For a lot of people, this will be a defining moment,” Smith said

This goes on for four, count em, four pages, with lots of wishing and hoping that Barack Obama’s visit to his grandmother will turn the independent voters to him.

I don’t recall any such article when John McCain suspended his campaign to go back to Washington to see what he could do to help with the financial crisis. Not one word giving him the benefit of the doubt.

Perhaps Barack’s intentions are simply to see his granny, his “Toot”. But that is not the way the MSM is playing it. Not at all.

Did our family wait a couple of days when we found out our great grandmother had fallen and broken her hip?


I am remembering Mrs. Dunham in my prayers.