After work today my husband and I met up with each other downtown to go vote. The weather was beginning to turn when we met at the court house and went to room G-8 to stand in line. There was quite a line so we stood there for a while until we were called to sit down at desks where we were asked to present our I.D. cards.

The clerks checked our I.D.s and asked us if we still lived at our addresses. (they mentioned our addresses) Next, they asked us whether we prefered paper ballots or the electronic ballot. Independently, my husband and I both asked for paper ballots. I don’t know why. We talked about it on the way home. We both felt the electronic ballots could be tampered with. Paper ballots, we can hold in our hands. They are tactile. They won’t disappear into the ether.

We both went to sit down in little metal chairs in front of desks with three-part screens on top of them. We were next to each other so we whispered a few comments to each other about some of the ballot initiatives.

After we finished voting we placed our ballots into the lips of the machine like ballot box where hopefully they will stay until they are counted.

Afterwards we decided to celebrate our vote and go have an early supper. My daughter called me as we were sitting down to eat. “Geeze, Mom. You two really are eating early, like a bunch of old people. You two used to eat at nine o’clock at night.”

It’s really sad that in the state of Arkansas, Mark Pryor, the Democrat Senator incumbent had no Republican opponent. Thanks, a lot, Mike Huckabee.

Most of the voters in line were older. Early voting in our state has been going on since this past Monday. Today was the first day my husband and I could both make it.

McCain-Palin signs are everywhere around town and if that is any indication of the big turnout McCain-Palin will do very well in our part of the country.

I heard today on the local news that an Oklahoma congressman was embarrassed recently to have received an unasked for endorsement from Barack Obama. Obama is very unpopular in Oklahoma and the Democrat congressman did not ask for and does not want to run under Obama’s seal of approval. Unfortunately I didn’t get the name of the man. When I do I will update.

And, yes, it should go without saying, both my husband and I voted for John McCain!