A squirrel attacked the transformer in our neighborhood late this afternoon, thus preventing me from watching Sarah Palin deliver a policy speech on special needs children. The room went black. The computer died. The television went off. My husband left the room.

I felt my way down the stairs to the late afternoon light outside. I stepped off the porch and walked through the yard, crunchy with acorns, down to the street, making my way to our neighbors’ house. I knocked at the door. They weren’t home. I saw no lights inside so I went back into our yard. My husband called the electric company. They told him no one else in our neighborhood had notified them about any power outage. A fleeting thought went through my mind…. this is happening so often. Not as often as Iraq or China obviously, but we used to take for granted that we would have a nice flow of electricity on a beautiful sunny day.

We had a power outage last Spring and it turned out that a squirrel had touched the wrong prong and had been punished with great bolts of electricity for the trouble.

After my husband checked our power supply he walked around to the front yard. “It’s probably another squirrel attack,” he said.

We walked out back to look at the transformer up on the hill. The hill in our back yard is ringed with trees. My husband suspects that the reason why the squirrels keep attacking the transformer is their easy access to it due to the trees and the over population of the squirrels. He thinks we should have a squirrel hunt. Of course that is impossible in city limits. As to the squirrels, well, they can climb trees, so of course they can climb wooden poles.

Some young boys who live in the house behind us were outside near the transformer. They excitedly told us that they had heard what sounded like a gunshot. My husband told them that the transformer had probably blown. We looked around for fried squirrel but couldn’t find any. The boys who ranged from age eight to ten introduced us to their dog, Auggie and told us about their other dog, Frenchie (who is named after their Dad’s french fries) The boys are great public relations for their Dad’s restaurant, George’s, one of the best restaurants in town. They followed us back into our yard, chatting all the way.

One of the boys asked my husband about our McCain-Palin sign. He went on to tell my husband “that Barack Obama is from Iraq, that the Marines are chasing him, that they have chased him all the way from Iraq and that they will get him.”

Ahh. Kids. The things they will say.

So after we checked out the transformer my husband decided to make another phone call to the electric company. He spoke to the representative to let her know about the transformer and that the kids heard it blow and when he finished up the conversation he absent-mindedly ended it by saying, “love you”, which is what he says to me and our children. He immediately, said, “Oh, sorry.” and the lady laughed. I teased him that maybe that personal touch might get us some extra attention. Perhaps it did.

Within twenty minutes the electrical repair truck arrived and the repair guy confirmed that yes, the transformer had blown. He did his repairs quickly and efficiently. Guys like this, who come in storms, snow, and other calamities make citizens lives more comfortable and safe. He’s like Joe the Plumber, just a regular hard working man, out in his yard, throwing a football around with his son, when Obama and his media followers invaded his neighborhood and he innocently decided to ask a question to Obama. Because of Joe, many Americans are being led out of the darkness into the light.

Pretty soon our lights were back on.

My desire to cocoon on a Friday evening had left me after all that time being outside. I wanted to go out to see my children and grandchildren and break bread with them. That is what I did. Now, late at night, reflecting on the silliness of this post and thinking about that miracle we take for granted: electricity, I’m sitting in front of the computer screen while my husband sleeps, and finally catching up on Sarah Palin’s speech about special needs kids.

Now, I am satisfied with the day. I can let go. The squirrel didn’t defeat me. It wouldn’t have. If the electricity hadn’t returned tonight I would have just lit a candle and read a book. We do have our resources.