While Obama campaigns openly all around the swing states the man who introduced him to the Chicago machine has to sneak in and out of the back doors of his speaking engagements and it’s getting to him, I’ll tell ya. It’s getting to him. He’s gonna blow!

Will Bill Ayers make it one more week?

The man the GOP loves to hate tiptoed out of hiding Sunday - if only to blast Fox News and the rest of the media for his predicament.

William Ayers, the ’60s radical who is one of John McCain’s talking points in his criticism of Barack Obama, told a Manhattan panel discussion audience he was tired of being used as cannon fodder in America’s political wars.

Ahh. Poor little guy. What a shame. How misused and misunderstood Mr. William Ayers, former terrorist, and now reformist educator must feel himself to be. All because of his ties to Barack Obama.

Bob Owens of Pajamas Media caught up with Weather insider/FBI informant Larry Grathwohl recently and asked him about the Weathermen, then and now, and the relationship between Bill Ayers and Barack Obama. It’s a pretty eye opening interview.

Ayers deserves every bit of media attention he has gotten. (and it hasn’t been much.)