Pennsylvania’s the Keystone State for more reasons than one.

In 1981, as Lady Diana Spencer excitedly prepared for her wedding of the century to Prince Charles there were some warning bells going off in her mind. She’d discovered the secret gift of cuff links Camilla Parker Bowles had given to Charles and when she confided her worries to her sister that practical lady said, “Too late, Dutch (Diana’s family nickname), your face is already on all the tea towels.”


It’s a crying shame that that lovely woman never found love or even kindly companionship within her marriage and instead, tragically lost her life with playboy, Dodi Al-Fayed in a Paris tunnel.

Warning bells unlistened to. And bad choices made all around.

Now in 2008 on the other side of the pond, 232 years after we declared our Independence from Great Britain because of their egregious policy of taxation without representation the United States of America teeters on the edge of the clift.

The warning bells are ringing. Voices are sounding the alert.

Will a majority of the American electorate vote for Barack Obama a week from today knowing next to nothing about him? Will Americans continue to ignore the warnings many people have given about Obama’s leftist political leanings and his very questionable associations with people who despise this country? Are Americans so naive or so sheepish that they would have the government control their paychecks completely? Do they believe that taking money from the rich to give to the poor will make them any richer? Do they think that is really fair? Do they understand that the term “spreading the wealth around” means taking away money from one group of people to give it to another group, in other words, socialism.

A very important point from Lorie Byrd….

The economy is tied to national security. Anyone who doubts that just needs to be reminded of what the stock market did following the 9/11 attacks. Joe Biden said he believes there will be a generated international crisis in Obama’s first months in office to “test” him and he went on to say that many will question Obama’s response to that crisis. Like them or not, the actions of the Bush administration have resulted in not one terrorist attack on U.S. soil since 9/11/01. No one would have dreamed that was possible on September 12, 2001.

Most people now take that for granted. When I recently attended the state fair not only was my backpack not checked, I didn’t even see a security guard when I entered the gates. I thought back on October 2001 and how thoroughly everything we took into the fairgrounds was searched. At the airport we are at least still checked almost as well as we were immediately following the 9/11 attacks, but I know I don’t really think much about it anymore. I just see it as routine without really giving much thought to it as I did when the new shoe checks and other new rules were first instituted. I no longer think about where the exits are as soon as I enter a public event as I did in the first years following 9/11. I suspect that most are like me in that respect and in many ways are now living in a September 10 state of mind. So far, this has been a September 10 election.

Without security there is no economy as we learned September 11th, 2001, and yet, we came back from it. Americans are better than sheep. We need not follow each other off the cliff.

Do the American people believe it is important to have a man of good character in the Oval Office? Are they aware that Obama and the Democrats are planning to downsize the military as much as 25%? Have Americans forgotten that we are still fighting two wars? Do they think the threats will end if Obama declares the wars over and brings the troops home? Do they really believe America will be respected and trusted by our allies and our enemies if Obama engages in such a naive foreign policy of appeasement?

Many Americans may say, give Obama a chance. After four years, we can vote him out. That may be difficult after four years of a Democrat Senate, House and Executive. As many as three new justices may be appointed to the Supreme court. How can we be sure there will be another election in 2012?

232 years of freedom was a pretty good run.

I would like to see 236 years please.

Warning given.