Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because it is for children. When my kids were little we didn’t have the money to buy Halloween costumes and I was not a talented seamstress but I managed to come up with some kind of fun getups for the kids to wear. They loved Halloween and playing dress up. My mother and grandmothers always provided plenty of old hats, gloves, jewelry, petticoats, capes, and boots for my daughters and my son to wear for that glorious and mostly cold last night of October.

My son loved to put on my husband’s old West Point uniforms and hats. Especially the Tarbucket.


Last week in my art class we were doing some Halloweenish art. I asked one of my students if he was going to go trick or treating. He hung his head and said his Daddy wouldn’t give his Mom any money to go shopping for a costume so he couldn’t go. I looked at him and said, “that’s going to stop you from going trick or treating? Well, we can fix that!”

We made some cool masks. The look on that young man’s face when he finished his very scary mask made not only my day, but my whole week. While he was working, he had decided what he was going to wear with his mask.

It sort of bothers me when I see adults going to Halloween parties but then again, they may be trying to recapture the magic of Halloween night when they were kids.

I am enjoying the excitement of my children dressing up their own little ones for Halloween and I am going to be there when they go trick or treating this Friday night.

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