Why is it that Barack Obama retreats to the blanket of his childhood when he is hit with hard questions? When asked about Bill Ayres, the founder of The Weathermen, the domestic terror group of the sixties and a cog in the wheel of the Chicago machine to which Obama made his initial act of obeisance when starting out in politics, Obama’s first response was he was only eight years old when Bill Ayers was committing his acts of terror.

Obama purposely misses the point when he grouses about Sarah Palin and running mate John McCain’s criticisms of his “sharing the wealth comments.” Boy did that get under his collar.

Obama’s response was to ridicule the charges of Joe the Plumber and John McCain and Sarah Palin’s comments on the campaign trail about his policies of tax redistribution by returning back even further in time to his years in kindergarten. He claimed that he shared his toys and his peanut butter sandwiches.

Then he went on to claim that the McCain-Palin tax plan makes a virtue out of selfishness.

Still, many Americans are getting the message about Obama’s socialist plans.

An interesting letter to the editor published in our local paper:

Church Venue for charity

I heard that some elementary schools have tried this out. At the first of the year, kids are given a list of items they will need for school. The wealthier families and the families that put a higher priority on what their kids took to school brought very nice backpacks, pencil, pen sets, markers, rulers and so on. The families that could not afford the nicer things or just had different priorities sent their kids to school with the minimum and the cheapest-quality items.

Here comes the socialism: The teachers had all of the students turn all of their school supplies in and then they were redistributed to the class. All of the items were handed out at random. (This is like “spreading the wealth around.”) The kids who brought nice things ended up with some junk, some OK things and maybe one nice item.

The next year parents found out that the school supplies would be taken up and redistributed. So they didn’t go and buy the nicer items. They all started buying cheaper goods because they would not be able to keep them anyway. The lower-income kids didn’t turn out to have better school supplies. Instead they all had to use cheap school supplies. They also ran short on supplies because everyone started bringing the bare minimum.

That is the same way that it works in any economy. If you do this enough, the hard-working people will give up and start joining the ranks of the people getting the handouts. I believe in charity, but charity belongs to the church. Giving to someone in need from a compassionate heart is charity. But when government forces you to give up your money, then gives it to others who did not work for it, that is socialism.

Steve Craine

I had this situation come up when I was teaching first grade for the Department of Defense Dependents Schools (DoDDS) at Patch Barracks in Stuttgart, Germany in 2001. Being new to the school, the other first grade teachers told me that when the kids came in with their school supplies, since the desks didn’t have enough room to hold them, I was to just take the supplies and put them together and organize them to use as needed.

Boy, was that a mistake.

One of my students, Lizette, began to cry. In fact, she cried all day. I was finally able to discover that she loved art very much and had brought with her a sixty four box of crayola crayons and although I searched throughout the container in which I had put them, she could not identify her own box (they had already been opened and passed out and used) and would not be satisfied that her own box had been returned to her. She wanted her own box of 64 crayons with her, in her own desk. She knew each color and she was convinced that one particular color was missing. She would not be comforted.

I decided then and there that my own misgivings when told that the students own belongings had to be put in a class pot had been right and that the students deserved to learn about caring for their own things within an educational setting. I found a way to arrange all of the students’ supplies in their desks.

When I noticed that their crayons were starting to show wear and tear a few months later, I went to the PX and purchased boxes of 64 crayons and before school began, placed them on all of the student’s desks and then sprinkled some glitter around them. The crayon fairy had made her first appearance at Patch Barracks Elementary School but not the last!

And, that Lizette! What a tremendously talented and quick learner she was!

Socialism stifles not only human ingenuity, and innovation, but also creativity. But Obama wouldn’t understand that. What a sour, stiff person he is, really. He seems to care little about the human touches, the creative sides of life, the babies born who were intended to die, and even, his very own aunt who has recently been discovered living in a Boston slum on public assistance - illegally. He hasn’t bothered to dig into his own deep pockets to share his own wealth with his own family but turned away, forcing Americans, by way of taxation, to pay their own hard earned money to support his aunt.

Obama claims not to know his own aunt’s status.

Yes, his political operatives are trying to shield him with their complaints of dirty politics but what it says to me is that Barack Obama is really a cold, unfeeling, hateful man.

A man who can’t take care of his own family cannot be trusted to take on the leadership of this great country.

But it turns out it wasn’t dirty politics after all, just good journalistic foot leather carried out by our British cousins. I recall reading that when Edward, the Prince of Wales was carrying on with That Woman, Wallis Simpson, the British media kept a zipped upper lip, refusing to publish anything at all about the royal affair.

It was left to the American press to inform the Brits about what was going on under their noses. It turns out that the leftist media in this day and time have their noses so deeply implanted….. well, you know where I am going. So, it’s nice that the Brits are helping out.

An interesting development has occurred in the hills of Northwest Arkansas. Obama’s not getting all the youth vote in Arkansas. Prairie Grove High School students have handed Obama a resounding defeat in a presidential mock election, voting for McCain 319 votes to 150 votes for Obama. Read about it here.

Obama might want to get his favorite blanket ready for Tuesday night.

UPDATE #1 Someone Obama wouldn’t want to meet but maybe should. The Anchoress. I’ve been waiting for her to weigh in. It’s been worth the wait.

UPDATE #2 Sissy Willis reminds us that this election, with all its ups and downs in the polls, is still not over, and God, as well as the undecideds, moves in mysterious ways.