The headline on Drudge reads Beggars on the Hill. The article’s actual headline is less outrageous but still uses the word “beg”. It got me to thinking of the time years ago when I was a church secretary. I worked as a church secretary for one year only when my husband was working on his second Masters Degree at Purdue University but I learned a lot. The pastor of the church and his wife had been missionaries to the Phillipines for many years before taking the pastorate and had a strict policy about helping beggars at the church.

The policy was to turn beggars away. The pastor explained that to give money or even food to healthy people was basically to keep them in their chosen career. The philosophy of the particular sect of Christian missionaries was to teach the man to fish as well as making them fishers of men and our pastor and his wife believed the philosophy worked as well in our own country when they came home. The mission of the church was to feed the sheep with spiritual food.

Being pretty naive, I thought the policy heartless and soon I was faced with the issue myself when I found a female beggar in the office asking me for some food and drink. Being pretty much a pushover I found some saltine crackers and gave her a drink of water and she went on her way.

It was not long before this woman was haunting the church every day, asking for money, and food, shrewdly telling me about the specials at Wendy’s and how economical it would be if we would just give her enough money to pay for the special.

After finding charity just once at our church this woman became sure she would get it again. It turned out that she had a circuit of churches she would hit and the pastor was right, begging was her chosen profession.

Not only did she keep coming back with her hand held out, she sent her fellow beggars to the church. They do have an unofficial association.

If our government continues giving bailouts to big business, the banking system, General Motors, and the ball and chain around their necks, the United Auto Workers, or whatever else qualifies as a financial institution, our capitalistic system has gone beggar to government. Our government will have put future generations of Americans in debt through taxation the like of which would have seen our founders revolting a hundred times over.

One beggar is just a beggar.

A nation of beggars is ripe for conquering.