Today is my sister, Lucy’s birthday. Happy birthday Lucy Redboots!

Lucy is small in stature, yes, but she’s really and truly an Amazon woman.

I kid you not.

Lucy can lift a house with her tiny little arms.

Maybe that’s an exaggeration but not much of one. Perhaps it was her training in college. Lucy was always a Wonder Woman. She was head cheerleader at Arkansas Tech University. Thankfully, most of us didn’t go to one of those cult colleges that David Brooks admires so much.

Although Lucy is only three years younger than me she still gets carded when ever she orders a drink. When we were kids we always shared a room and she had the top bunk. She had this tendency to hang slinkies down by my side of the bed in the middle of the night to scare me. We sang harmony together, played together and sometimes dreamed the same dreams. We had lots of pets in our little acre wood we called home. Even though Lucy was the smallest of all of us she managed to rule over us most of the time through the force of her personality.


Lucy was always a pretty good sport even when under arrest.


I always thought Lucy looked like the angel on top of the Christmas tree. (except when she hid dead spiders in pill bottles under my pillow)


Lucy’s an excellent cook, gardener, artist, art teacher, Mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend (this is in random order) and she’s really STRONG. Lucy knows how to prepare and cook deer, turkey, rabbit, etc… hunted and killed by her husband and she always has Live Maine lobster races in her kitchen before she cooks them.

Lucy’s a Sarah Palin fan and wasn’t at all shocked to see Sarah pardon a turkey and conduct an interview while behind her some other unlucky turkeys were on their way to some families’ Thanksgiving table.

Ann Althouse wasn’t all verklempt over the deal either.

I was five years old when I saw my first chicken dinner killed. My great grandfather wrung the neck of one of our chickens and then my mother prepared the chicken dinner.

Happy Birthday Lucy! I hope you come over next Wednesday and help me prepare my turkey.