No, I wasn’t in Washington D.C. or New York City. I definitely wasn’t watching Obama’s press conference. If we’re considering the festivities in the works in the nations’ capital I’m certain that I wouldn’t find Santa Claus at any of Nancy Pelosi’s stripped down versions of Christmas. She would have Santa dressed in green.

No. I saw Santa Claus while I was at work!

I had parent pickup duty after school today. I heard some students say, “Look! There’s Santa Claus!” so I looked in the direction they were pointing and inside a car was a man with a white beard wearing a red suit and a red hat.

A little girl looked up at me, pointed over at the car and said, “That’s my ride.” I walked her over to the car and opened the door for her.

The man inside said, “Betcha don’t get Santa picking you up every day!” and then he started to laugh.

He had an authentic white beard, blue eyes and looked just like Santa. The little girl, whispered to me, “That’s my grandpa.”

I don’t believe her.

I think he really was Santa Claus.