From Hearsay, the UALR William H. Bowen School of Law Alumni Magazine 2008, 2009 Graduating Class, page 19

This past Friday, our daughter, Charlotte turned in her last paper in her long two and a half year paper chase at the UALR William H Bowen School of Law, an achievement that could not go unacknowleged by her Mom at The Wide Awake Cafe.

Over the weekend Charlotte and her boyfriend, Adam and sister, Kate and brother-in-law, Mike packed up her belongings at the Barrister Court Law School Apartments and put them in a U-Haul to move her west where she will be studying for the Oklahoma Bar. It was a cold weekend. But there were warm hearts all around rejoicing over Charlotte’s determined perseverance in achieving academic excellence in her legal education.


I took this photo of Charlotte when I visited her in her first year at law school.


Charlotte and Adam as Nick and Nora at the Barrister Ball.

Congratulations Charlotte!