The wonderful Sissy Willis and her husband, Tuck have had the saddest news today. Their beloved cat, Babe has died. Babe along with his sibling, Tiny have been the sweet stars of Sissy’s blog, sisu and her whimsical photography and writing about the two zany and beautiful kitties have always brightened the darkest day for many.

I count myself among the many.

Babe was born in an attic closet twelve years ago in Sissy and Tuck’s home. Thanks to Sissy there was no hiding Babe’s dazzling light under a bushel.

Babe recently starred in Sissy’s latest beautiful Christmas card.

I send my sincere condolences to the Willis family. It always hurts to lose a pet because they are members of the family but to lose them in the Christmas season is an even deeper hurt.

Sissy’s blog friend, Ellison offered a loving tribute.

Oh, Babe, I will miss you.